The Meta-Slim weight loss program is a medically approved Protein Sharing Modified Fast (Muscle Sparing Diet).

It is safe and effective, supervised, weight loss program designed to teach lifestyle changes to maintain a more permanent weight loss while preserving lean body mass.

The Meta-Slim weight loss program is protein supplemented, limiting carbohydrate and fat intake and along with 3 meals per day is nutritionally correct. Our clients eat poultry, lean meat, seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and bread. The proper serving size and category of each food group is pertinent to the reduction of fat stores and the elevation of metabolism.

Meta-Health’s weight loss protein supplements are necessary for the individual to prevent loss of lean muscle tissue while metabolizing storage fat. This results in an increase of energy levels. This is most important for individuals who are obese or have been injured and can no longer exercise to full capacity, thus causing a gain in weight. The protein supplements will also prevent the client from feeling hungry or weak, which makes a successful weight loss program possible.

The herbal component of the Meta-Slim weight loss program, which is optional, is a scientific blend of organic herbs that raise metabolism, alleviate stress and tension, stimulate high levels of energy, and naturally detoxify the internal system.

Clients are asked to visit our weight loss center 2 times per week for:

Weigh-ins & Measurements

Blood Pressure Checks

Food Chart Assessment

Life Management Classes

We have weight loss rapid enough to keep our clients motivated while maintaining a safe rate of reduction. Most of our weight loss programs include a 1 year maintenance period upon reaching goal to stabilize and maintain proper weight loss.

Our weight loss program consists of 5 phases

Pre-conditioning – When a client begins our program, they take a few days to detoxify, pre-condition, and prepare their bodies for weight loss.

Weight Reduction – The weight reduction plan utilized by the Meta-Health Weight Management Program has been developed through years of research. It is a well-defined program that allows for a safe and effective weight loss of 2-5 pounds per week. For each pound a person loses, they typically lose 1 inch in their measurements.

Stabilization – During this phase, normally 6 weeks, we adjust caloric intake to fit the clients individual requirements in order to maintain their goal weight.

Maintenance – This, is a period of 1 year. Most everyone’s weight will have some variance during the first year. We feel that if you can maintain your goal weight for a year, you are most likely to keep the weight off indefinitely.

Follow-up – We want you to be successful. We encourage you to maintain contact with our professional staff for continued guidance and support for as long as you feel necessary. At Meta-Health Weight Management, Inc. we are committed to your success.

Why consider our weight loss program?

We offer a complimentary, no obligation consultation that allows us to go over your medical history, weight loss history, and eating habits. We use this information to determine exactly which of our programs is right for you. Our clients receive:

  • One-on-One Weight-ins and Support
  • Menu Plans
  • Blood Pressure Checks
  • Body Fat Analysis
  • Body Measurements
  • Food Diary Supervision
  • Nutritional Instruction
  • Life Management and Stress Reduction Classes