Weight Loss Management

Being overweight has been called the #1 health problem in America. More than 55% of our population, which equates to 97 million Americans, are considered to be overweight or obese. Being overweight increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and some cancers. Research has found that many overweight people do not necessarily eat more or exercise less than normal weight people. Many of these people have tried self-styled, fad treatments which cause more harm than good. They set themselves up for failure time after time only to lose weight then regain it plus some. Do YOU fit this description?

The simple truth of losing weight during our weight loss program

Do you understand the secret to success in losing weight?

The following will shed some light on the subject:

Food provides caloriesthe fuel that keeps your body functioning. Your body uses these calories to meet your basic metabolic needs; i.e. keeping your heart beating and giving you energy to perform daily activities such as walking or fixing breakfast.

The most effective way to lose weight combines two elements.

  • First, you must eat fewer calories.
  • Second, you must increase your physical activity to burn more calories.

When your body lacks enough food to meet your total energy needs, it will use stored fat or muscle tissue to provide the needed energy. The Meta-Health weight loss program is designed to break down body fat, not muscle. You need to preserve muscle tissue to maintain the health of your heart, kidneys, lungs, and other vital organs.

Lean muscle mass plays an important role in weight maintenance during our weight loss program. When you’re on a reduced calorie plan, it is the one thing you do not want to lose. On the Meta-Health Weight Loss¬†Program, our aim is for you to lose the fat while preserving muscle tissue for safe weight loss. To accomplish this, our plan insures the proper amount of protein in your diet. With our high protein nutritional supplements you enjoy a variety of delicious foods such as bars, puddings, shakes, hot cocoa, fruit drinks, soups and more. Taken on a daily basis our weight loss protein supplements maximize your weight loss efforts and minimize lean muscle loss, thus maintaining or increasing your body’s metabolism.

History / Design

In 1970, Dr. Blackburn began his research on fasting (dieting) and in 1973 described the protocol for his technique during his Ph.D. thesis examination of the biochemistry of nutrition. It was then that the Proteinic Diet was born.

Dr. Blackburn showed that caloric loss combined with the absence of carbohydrates could neutralize the effect of insulin on fat metabolism. This way, insulin was maintained at low levels, while the fat burning kicked in and the by-products produced by metabolism (particularly the ketone bodies) would provide the body with its requirements.

Benefits of Ketone Bodies The Meta-Health (Proteinic) Program protects the nitrogen balance and suppresses hunger thanks to the state of ketosis that accompanies it. Our program creates the simplest form of ketosis, a process that allows the liver to burn enormous quantities of fatty acids, freeing ketone bodies. This fat burning process becomes the body’s principal energy source.

Dr. Blackburn determined that by supplementing the diet with high quality protein, the body’s lean muscle mass could be protected.